Friday, May 10, 2013


    I am an interesting enigma in the world of CS. That's Computer Science, not Counter-Strike, though I'm game for a round if you are (Source, not 1.6. Sorry, old-school gamers...and new-school, I guess, with GO being out now. Way to alienate right away, self.)

    I have been programming "professionally" for four years now, without actually having a true, contracted, full-time position. Only in the summers (that's not entirely true, my first programming job I elected to do concurrently with school). Many of my peers only have one internship under their belt, then they go into a full-time job. Maybe even two. I've done C-based NDIS driver-development, web development on the ASP.NET MVC platform, and most recently going on two summers worth of C# MVP development. That's a lot of internship, hence the title of this blog. It's also a lot of school, as I am going for two degrees -- both Computer Science, AND Computer Engineering. Hence the driver-dev, and being an enigma.

    There are no shortages of blogs out there that will tell you why your thought patterns are wrong. I'm actually quite a fan of them, which I'll get into why in just a moment (seems odd, right?). Even though I'm an old-as-dirt intern, I feel I can learn a lot (which is appropriate. I may be as old as dirt, but I am still just an intern). A lot of blogs I've been reading are from senior developers (and when I say senior, I mean senior, as in worked for Microsoft for so long that they left to start their own company) and they tend to know what they're doing. They're really good to learn from. I feel I can be good to learn from too -- I am not so presumptuous to say "your methodology is flawed" (or at least, I hope I'm not), but I do feel I can bring something to the table: a unique look from someone who has experienced both quite a bit of college, and quite a bit of industry, and can help bridge the gap between them.

    I will make an effort to update this fairly often -- it will serve as a good exercise of commitment for me, and hopefully a pleasant distraction from elements of my life, as hobbies are intended to do. Perhaps two or three times a week, that seems like a reasonable goal.

    As for now: hello, Internet. Let's see how this goes.

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